Troubles of change-making!

  • In each of us, lies a perpetrator and someone who is sufferer at the hands of some other perpetrator. The students that we work have both sides as all of us have. To what extent and which all dimensions should we necessarily need to work on during the course — understanding of consent, body image issues, understanding of gender, homophobic nature, casteism, environmental issues (personal as well as public), domestic violence, violence on children, sexual abuse, mental health, et al. And if we are to prioritise, how do we prioritise?
  • In a lot of these areas, I am myself learning and evolving. What right does it give me to work on it on others while I am myself into an active journey of learning which is far away from where I imagine myself to reach.
  • Does it even make sense to make people employable if they continue to perpetrate? Or should it always include a strong basic human transformation.
  • Where do we spend more time — alleivating monetary poverty or helping people at a slightly better level to realise their potential and come out of the cycle of perpetrator and sufferings.
  • Does anything less than coming out of the cycle of perpetration and suffering even makes sense? How?
  • Should giving be a norm expected from all of us, given we take so much in various forms. Or is it a choice that we can opt to not participate. Or the fact that we pay taxes absolves us of our duty to give back.



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