I hated history in my school, like really hated it. But that’s not the point of the post.

Recently I had a chance to visit the National Museum, and look at Harappan Civilisation. I was aware about the civilisation, the great bath, among other things but looking at the remains, and visualizing things as they perhaps were, was a relishing experience in itself. But that’s not the point either.

Immediately a comparison between the Harappans and us came striking in my mind. I was flabbergasted to know how much I thought I would have rather preferred to be a Harappan. One of the very things that I love in this World is water, and the idea of taking bath in the great bath made me fall for Harappans.

The idea may sound romantic or stupid or both, and indeed it is. The idea was followed by disillusionment on how we are progressing as a civilisation, but that isn’t what bothers me most (it indeed plagues my mind every now and then though). What bothers me most is my love for looking out for the old lost civilization and trying to get lost myself never to be found again.

What follows is worse, it is disillusionment in its most devouring form. It questions basis of everything that I do, everything I follow, everything I have ever loved or will love. I have been an impact driven person, and it questions relevance of any impact at all that I have ever made or can make. I feel lost, rather I want to get lost.

Coming back to the real World, I tried to distinguish traveling into three parts —

  1. You travel to chill out. Hard week, some grass, and you are set.
  2. You travel to explore. Nature, life, stories, anything and everything.
  3. You travel to i-don’t-know-what. But you get lost. Into the wild (yes, the reference is to the movie). You assimilate yourself into the nature. You are nature. Nature is you. You exist no more.

I have been used to 1, and getting used to 2. 3 seems to be on the way. When I truly achieve 3, I would perhaps be one of them, one of “the great harappans”. I will be truly lost, lost in the wilderness.

Whether it makes sense or not, doesn’t seem particularly relevant to me at the moment.

Update : As someone rightly pointed out — a great Harappan wouldn’t fancy on getting lost. If the great Harappans would have loved getting lost, this civilisation would not have advanced further. In fact idea of “civilizing” might be a contrary to my ideas, and I may look out for even more primitive existence. But the idea of returning back in time, and getting disillusioned with the development holds equally well.

Lead a for-purpose startup — NavGurukul.org! Mail me at a@navgurukul.org :-)

Lead a for-purpose startup — NavGurukul.org! Mail me at a@navgurukul.org :-)