Solving the political rout

Indian parents are usually mocked over the Internet for their incessant comparison of their child with some other random Sharma’s ji son or daughter. It seems only natural that most of us engage into direct or indirect comparison of AAP vs BJP government performances so far. I too used to engage in parallels and contrasts between the two. My brother got me out of this habit.

Conventional model of development sucks. RSS influence is intimidating. Modi is good. APCO is better. That concludes BJP in this article.

I idolize kindness. I want to live this video, everyday. Simpler claim would be I want to live in a World where such kind acts are normal.

When AAP phenomenon started, kindness poured in. People volunteered, donated crazily to change the system. They weren’t just frustrated from the existing system, but also came in together to create a new system. That for me is kindness. That accounts for most of my initial madness for AAP.

AAP for me now symbolizes real problems. There was an experiment that I really liked. I would ask people who have been outside India, to some other developed country — “Three things that Delhi needs to be as smart or good as a city as you were at?”.

Invariably, everyone would talk about -

  1. pollution — air and water
  2. security — i can go out anytime without fear of getting molested
  3. freedom; culture; sexual openness, heritage, etc.

I needn’t mention the only political party talking and working on issues mentioned above. Go an income group down, and the issues will be

  1. water & electricity issues — lifeline water, free lifeline water, cheaper electricity
  2. education & employment — free public education for all?
  3. healthcare — availability of medicines, better public hospitals

Again, only party which is talking and working on these issues would be AAP. Government schools and hospitals are same across all the states in India, AAP’s success would be obvious when Delhi will stand out. Manish Sisodia rightly puts it when he says, I will consider myself to be successful in my endeavours when public schools in Delhi would be better than private, when my children would prefer going to a public school rather than the private counterpart.

Move to issues that need immediate attention — Farmers’ plight, Women Security, Accountability of Police force, eGovernance — AAP is doing it ALL. And the list goes on.

What makes up for AAP’s uniqueness is their APPROACH.

  1. Instead of engaging in an interminable run to increase GDP and getting more investments, believing things will trickle down AAP went door to door to identify problems that matter most. The list of problems were laid out verbosely in their manifesto ( Whitepapers were released on problems that needed more explanation.
  2. AAP is extensively researching into each of the problem by studying in detail existing models (Say Hi to “DDC — Delhi Dialogue Commission”). 21 task forces for 70 problems and more.
  3. AAP has opened its doors for people, entrepreneurs, and companies to help the Government solve these issues. If you have any ideas on any of the problems, feel free to reach out. If they don’t reply, reach out again. AAP ke ghar mei der hai, andher nahi ;) (

Also, I would recommend you to read Roshan’s blog ( to stay updated with AAP & DDC is upto.

To conclude, AAP for me stands for inclusive development. AAP for me stands for an approachable government, with willingness to adopt your solutions. AAP for me is a party with a clear approach, with a well defined TODO and and with enumeration of the relevant issues , and is working on them relentlessly.

Lead a for-purpose startup —! Mail me at :-)

Lead a for-purpose startup —! Mail me at :-)