Now or …. later!

The way tech is dominating our entire world, it wouldn’t have been evil if only, it wasn’t controlled by say, 100 people in the World? Imagine, a group of 100 people deciding (with only maximation point being — money), on how education, healthcare, entertainment, etc. should function. I don’t know if you see, what I see. Maybe I am exaggerating, and it wouldn’t be 100. 1000, then?

What’s the way out? Some changes are in order — now, or later. But not making them would be dangerous. I don’t understand this well enough to talk about systemic changes that need to be done. I can outline what I believe can be impactful and maybe you find it helpful for your own sake and for generations to come.

1) Google Search => Ecosia

For laptop install brave and change your default search engine to Ecosia.
For phone simply install

It isn’t a new org, but something that exists for 11 years already, with 15M+ users. They have planted 117M trees already.

2) Whatsapp => Telegram or Signal

3) Youtube => NewPipe

4) Google Chrome => Brave

5) Google Pay / Paytm => Bhim

6) Amazon / Flipkart => Local Vendor (Whenever Possible)

Things I’d love to see and possibly collaborate on:

  1. Make Signal happen to Uber/Ola.
  2. Make Khan Academy happen to Byju, Whitehat and party.
  3. Make Swaraj University happen to MBA.
  4. Make Amul happen to FMCG.
  5. The list goes on and on.
  6. LinkedIn for Conscious Businesses.

Three things that you can immediately do (once you have taken some of the suggested steps, preferably!)

  1. Share, Share, Share!
  2. Comment and mention the steps you could take towards a future where privacy is respected and tech doesn’t turn mega-evil
  3. Suggest what can be further added to either of the lists



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