How to torture clients to leave your services— learning from Kotak

Horror Story 1: Relationship Manager with no understanding of current accounts

Our account was opened four months ago, by a Kotak representative (Dheeraj Choudhary) along with our to-be relationship manager (Amit). They took almost triple the time to get our account opened than what they promised us, which itself should have been a red alarm. Once the account was opened, our horror story actually started.

Horror Story 2: Illogical rules and freezing of our current account at whim

Two days back, our account was frozen. Because the initial cheque that we gave for opening the account bounced. Our account always had more money the minimum average balance, so the problem is not about having a lack of funds. Problem is getting the first cheque bounced, which would have costed Dheeraj (who opened our bank account) his commission.

Horror Story 3: Branch Manager came up with rules on the fly causing serious loss of time and money

It doesn't end here. We raised about 4000$ from Indian Citizens living in United States for NavGurukul. The transfer was initiated to Kotak, which returned the same costing us a 115$ fine. On inquiry with the branch manager (Vineet Chauhan), we were told that they needed the passport numbers as per the law to ascertain whether the donors were truly Indian. We went through the painful procedure of getting passport numbers of each and every donor of ours, which took us about 21 days. We initiated the transfer again in hope of getting things fixed.


Kotak has no regard to its client satisfaction, and is riding on its arrogance. The arrogance isn’t just the trademark of Kotak, but seems that Kotak has truly pioneered the art. I can code more empathetic and better informed systems, than real mis-informed humans employed by Kotak. Kotak’s technology use is a big nightmare. Half of their emails to their teams bounce as their inboxes are full. We are not only going to discontinue NavGurukul’s account at Kotak, but I will also close my personal and securities account. Please share this with as many friends as you can, and probably then Kotak can at least see what they are upto, and issue an apology to NavGurukul and its donors.



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