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  • MooseyAnon


    A (semi) technical, highly opinionated moose.

  • Chhavi Agrawal

    Chhavi Agrawal

    Artist. Singer. Storyteller.

  • RK Naidu K

    RK Naidu K

    UI/UX Designer (also a Graphic & Motion Designer 😁)

  • Namrata Das

    Namrata Das

    Someone who likes to keep things simple and rolling! Love yourself before you love anyone else ❀

  • IROY


  • Vaidehi Joshi

    Vaidehi Joshi

    Writing words, writing code. Sometimes doing both at once.

  • Aakanksha Gaur

    Aakanksha Gaur

    Maker of http://shelfjoy.com. Hopelessly in love with books.

  • Sameer Shisodia

    Sameer Shisodia

    I speak my mind.

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