Mera Manthan — A journey with Swaraj University, Ecoversities Alliance, Gandhi Ashram, Udaipur Jail :-)

Love was everywhere — Aloha!

Multiplying what?

Hello, dear insecurities!

When you seek more awareness, you get to see patterns, fears, and insecurities in yourself. It was no different for me this time. I realized that I have never lived off without money. I have enjoyed a strong sense of security due to the financial capabilities of my family and my own self. Money doesn’t interest me much today, however, I don’t know how to live without it either even if little. The same dependence is manifested in my work at NavGurukul where I have always taken financial independence (read dependence on the mainstream economic systems) of each student as an incontestable truth. Now, I am trying to add to my Manthan — experiences which will help me move beyond this fear and dependence of mine.


When I look at the people who inspire me, I see in them an insatiable spirit to serve. I have a strong idea of bringing about change, but it also comes with a lot of mind. I need an impact. I need my actions to result or shape into something useful. However, I want to move from this give and take approach and genuinely explore my understanding on how to serve well, with all the love, surrender and dedication. I feel inspired to work on my own spirit with the help of various SEVA opportunities.

Gandhi Ashram and the loveliest Ku from Hawaii :-)



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